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Affinity Tutorials

The following list contains brief descriptions and links to tutorials found on the Internet for Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher.

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Affinity Designer Packaging Tutorial Course

By: Lance Adcock @ AD Products
Difficulty: Beginner
This $1 Course is 42 Minutes long. I will teach you step by step how to make this package design. Easy to understand.

TJ's Affinity Designer Tutorials

By: Teejay joyce @ TJ's Web Nest
Difficulty: Beginner
Affinity Designer tutorials for the beginner. The site also offers free textures for your use.

PIRC - Affinity Designer Tutorials

By: MaryLou White @ PIRCnet
Difficulty: Beginner
These Affinity Designer tutorials are written with the new beginner in mind. Care has been taken to point out the location for each tool that is used. There are lots of illustrations to help you on your way.

Using Affinity Photo on the iPad

By: Steve Caplin @ Creative Pro
Difficulty: Intermediate
In the two years since its launch, Affinity Photo has taken the world by storm. It has proved to be a fully-fledged image editor that rivals (and in many areas outdoes) Photoshop, with a price tag of only $49. Now the people behind it have launched a mobile version, Affinity Photo for iPad.

How to Create a Porg From Star Wars

By: Yulia Sokolova @ Tuts+
Difficulty: Intermediate
The creators of Star Wars did a really great job creating an appealing creature that will make your heart melt once you see it. As you may have guessed, we’re talking about porgs! Those fluffy little cat-bird-like creatures with huge sparkling eyes and naive expressions just can’t leave you indifferent.

How to Create a Queen of Hearts Playing Card

By: MissChatZ @ Tuts+
Difficulty: Intermediate
Today we will be on a learning adventure, using some basic tools and functions of Affinity Designer, to create a simple and playful “Queen of Hearts” playing card! Step by step, we’re going to see how to design and create a cute, colorful illustration using basic geometric shapes, in combination with strokes and effects, to custom design our first playing card.

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