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Glitters Designers Kit for Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer

Glitters Designers Kit for Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer

I often like to add some glitter to an image that is used on the front face of a greeting card. Although many programs allow you to create a shape then change the color or fill with a texture, it can take a while to do this. In Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer you can save a lot of time by installing Style sets instead. Once installed, all you need do is select the layer you want ‘glittered’ and choose the color glitter from the style set. One click and its done. saving you valuable time. The glitter style set comprises of 61 assorted colors and hues of glitters. It also includes a color Swatch set that can be installed for either document or application wide use. Files included: 1 Glitters.afpalette 2 Glitters.afstyles To install Palette in either program: Open Photo / Designer. Go to Swatches Click on Menu icon on right hand side of menu Select Import Palette. Here you can choose to install it into the program or just for current document To install Styles for either program: Open Photo / Designer Click on Styles tab Click on menu icon on right side Import styles category.

This resource was generously provided by: Angela H. Evans.

Cost: $US 5.00
License: Commercial

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