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Enamel Styles for Affinity

Enamel Styles for Affinity

Enamels Styles for Affinity Photo & Affinity Designers - GraphicsAdding a touch of creativity to your Text or Shapes can make a big difference.WHY spend hours of your valuable time messing around trying to recreate colored enamels, when with just ONE CLICK you can change from boring to Exciting!Easily installs to BOTH Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.I was looking for a bright pastel enamel look for a small project I was working on. I had already looked for an style set, but the closest was actions for Photoshop. So I set to experiment and came up with the enameled look I was wanting! So, knowing how hard it is to find styles for Affinity, I decided to create more colours and offer them to other Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer users!So Save your valuable time and use these styles. Perfect for offering clients a project with a rich look. Ideal for creating flyers posters, prints for framing ( high quality printing will look amazing).Supplied as TWO Style Sets. Bright Pastels and Bright Primaries PlusDownload, unzip and install into Affinity Photo or Designer by selecting the Styles tab and selecting Import Styles.

This resource was generously provided by: Angela H. Evans.

Cost: $AU 5.50
License: Commercial

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