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Cut Out Paper Flower themed Assets

Cut Out Paper Flower themed Assets

This collection of paper cut out flower assets for Affinity Designer is ideal for Valentines Day and spring designs. Included are two Affinity files that contain the paper cut flowers. One set of flowers is noncoloured, so you can easily add your own and make the flowers unique to you. The second Affinity file contains coloured flowers that can be used as is. There is a third Affinity file, and that contains a Valentines image incorporating some of the assets. The fourth file included is the set of assets. This consists of the flowers included in the Affinity files, both blank and coloured. This means paper cut designs can quickly and easily be created by dragging flowers from the assets window onto the canvas area. There are also flower components such as petals and flower centres, to enable you to make your own flowers almost from scratch.

This resource was generously provided by: Lusus.

Cost: FREE
License: CC0
Platform: Designer

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