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Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection is a curated list of FREE resources for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. We believe every designer should have these resources in their Affinity arsenal.

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Fog and Smoke brushes -Starter pack

A beautiful pack of simple raster brushes you can use to add a fog or smoke texture to your art, included in the pack are 5 raster based smoke brushes 5 raster based smoke brushes. A note on licensing You are free to create personal or commercially with these, but not resell them, repackage them....or pass them off as yours in any way. In short do not be a scumbag....karma will catch up to you

9377 Views • 8,294 Downloads • Favorites

Color Palettes

Dream Gradients 1

This is a swatch collection of all of the gradients used to make the Dream Styles 1 and Dream Metals Styles collections, making it easy to grab your favorite gradient to use rather than applying a style to get it.

7578 Views • 9,475 Downloads • Favorites


Dream Metals Styles

Copper, Silver, and Gold styles in linear and radial formats.

5635 Views • 8,385 Downloads • Favorites

Dream Styles 1

Originally created for web development, these styles were used to showcase what can be accomplished in Affinity Designer, and later Affinity Photo. With more than 5,500+ downloads prior to the opening of Affinity.Graphics, this set has proven to be very popular and an essential tool in your Affinity arsenal. The gradients used are fully editable.

3871 Views • 6,099 Downloads • Favorites

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